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Proudly represented at The Avens Gallery 

Canmore, AB


My Story

I'm a self taught artist from Cochrane, Alberta. Inspired by wildlife and the outdoors. Each animal, painted with a raw, sole focus and emotional approach. Every piece a story never told, captured in the moment of its existence.

I've always wanted my art to have an impact. Influence the way one views the world with each piece. With Wild Form, each purchased piece contributes to the conservation efforts of an endangered or affected species.

As a buyer, not only will you receive a piece of fine art, but also the knowledge that you are forcing change, making a difference. The more valuable the piece, the greater the contribution.

To learn more about how you can influence and support conservation efforts please follow the link below.

My Story
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Commission work done upon request.

*Subject must be single focus wildlife. Materials fee is applied.

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